Monday, April 23, 2012

Jeffrey Dahmer/Ambassador Hotel Tale.

In 1999 I started college.
I entered as a freshman music major(guitar) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
My house was far, far away, and I had to live in the woods by the campus the first few months. I would sleep in the locker rooms when it rained or was too cold.
It was only months after the accident in which my older brother died in my arms. I was heavily medicated(Effexor, Zanax and Ambien) for the first -and last -time in my life.
In fact, Ambien helped me to fall asleep in God-awful environments(like a tent in the frickin’ woods by campus, or a locker room!)….
Well, I eventually got my financial aid(thanks God) and moved into a weekly unit at the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee. Winter approached.
I was given room 507(see uploaded photo in my pics!!) Typical shitty run-down city hotel…. Metal bands that play at “The Eagle’s Ballroom” across the street often stay there.
I was sooo happy to be indoors!
 I began having intense nightmares-I thought it was from the recent bloody accident…
I saw and heard strange things never encountered before in my usual nightmares. People fucking, and violence, and blood, and pain-very disturbing to say the least!
 I would wake in a sweat, convinced I was losing touch with reality. Or I was tuning in to other’s dreams in the building.
Over the course of three weeks I came to believe that the maid/staff was coming in while I slept, or someone was trying to rob me. The closed dresser drawers would be sometimes be open when I awoke. The security was chain sometimes removed from the inner door. I then thought “it must be the benzo’s and Zolpidem Tartrate causing memory loss, yep”.
I set up hairs and placed things so I would know if anyone tampered, most days when I awoke everything was moved! I thought “yep, you are officially a nutter Neil”.
(I am a classical guitarist, and I am accident prone, so I use artificial nails to pluck the strings. I have a nail kit consisting of super-glue, sandpaper, and files).
One day when I went to class I left my nail kit in the drawer-and when I came back there was a note on the dresser.
It said “If you’re gonna smoke that stuff here I am gonna have to tell management-housekeeping”
OMG! I laughed so fucking hard and went straight down to the desk with the note.
I showed them and explained-they apologized immediately. I also said I did’nt appreciate housekeeping sneaking into my room at strange hours. I told them about my experiences and the manager said; “Oh, that room is haunted”!
I said “excuse my French, but please fucking explain”
I was then told that I was staying in the room in which Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first Wisconsin victim (12 years prior to the day)! The manager said “everyone has problems in that room, we’ll give you another if you like”.
Holy fuck! Fuck Dat!
I packed my shit and got the fuck out REAL fast!! I remember waiting for a bus with my luggage and guitar-in shock and my thoughts racing-remembering the images in my nightmares. Sitting there at the bus stop it all made sense-like a weight was lifted off my head and soul!
I left so fast that I forgot a cd case with 80 of my fav. Metal and classical music under the bed.
They called my number and I went back for a last time weeks later to retrieve it. I got a full scholarship to Stetson University in FL the next Summer and have’nt been back in Wisco until this year!
Anyways, my strange life…. Hope you enjoy!
“Dahmer picked up 25-year-old white male, Steven Tourmi, at a gay bar called Club 219. They went to the Ambassador Hotel, got drunk and passed out. When Dahmer awoke, he said Tourmi was dead and blood was coming out of his mouth. Dahmer stated he could not remember the previous night’s events. Dahmer bought a suitcase and put the corpse in it. He returned to his grandmother’s basement where he had sex with the corpse, masturbated on it, and sliced the flesh off of it. He then proceeded to dismember the remains, put them into plastic bags, and throw them away”.

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